My Empty Cup

Mea culpa! I have sorely neglected this little space. I wish I had a more interesting excuse or at least a neat and tidy resolution, but the truth is, y’all, sometimes your cup overflows and other times it is drained to the dregs.


I came down with some weird throat and respiratory virus that lingered for 2 weeks. The doc said it looked awful, but it wasn’t strep. It seemed to exacerbate what had already been taking me out at the knees– extreme exhaustion.

After about three months of steadily worsening symptoms, I finally called the doc to get some blood work done. In the meantime, I tried all the things: Cutting out all sugar (Ten days of this just made me more tired and depressed to boot). I added sugar back in (I wasn’t less tired, but I was definitely happier). I started drinking green smoothies at least 4 days a week (not a sacrifice, I love a good spinach and berry smoothie). I began monitoring my water intake attempting to get at least 80oz a day (I officially know where all the restrooms in town are). I draaaaaaaagged myself to the gym (okay so far, I only made it 3 days last week, but it’s a start!)

When my blood work came back- it was flawless. I don’t think I’ve ever had a better A1C level in my entire life. My thyroid looks healthy. My iron levels are spot on. Which is fabulous… except that it really doesn’t get me any closer to figuring out what is wrong. However, just as I slowly sunk down to this level of exhaustion, I seem to be just as slowly regaining some energy and strength. Bodies are weird.

So, I apologize for the long hiatus, but I’m thrilled to finally feel energetic and clear-headed enough to start filling up this space with more adventures, and I’ve been saving up new dishes and new disasters, not to mention more than a few tasty books!

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