Starting to Go Off Script

After reading Michael Pollan’s Omnivore’s Dilemma, I stopped eating meat. I plan to flesh out (pardon the pun) more about this book and that choice in a future post. For now, I will say that I no longer felt like I could believe in the choices that I had been making thinking them ethical, because of the shady labeling practices that most food companies use. Until I could do more research, I didn’t want to risk eating animals that were not well cared for during their lives.

As a once (and little did I know then, future) vegetarian, I had remembered a few recipes that were very basic and filled me up, but not many, so I began pouring over cookbooks and websites to find new ideas. One that I found first in the bookstore and later visited the website was Love and Lemons. To my delight, the author was a fellow Austinite. I became intrigued by several recipes, and when I came across one for veggie enchiladas, I was inspired. I’m slowly, slowly learning to do my own thing. I’ve learned to trust my own tastebuds and not measuring spoons when it comes to seasoning, and I felt ready to branch farther out, and make substitutions with what I had in my kitchen already.

I used the leftover half of a spaghetti squash sitting in my fridge with a can of black beans as the enchilada filling. I wasn’t entirely sure how that was going to pair, but I figured that since I liked both things, it would all turn out right. Along with a little seasoning, and some Mexican cheese blend, I wrapped up the filling into corn tortillas and arranged them into two separate pans.


For the first pan, I made Love and Lemon’s adobo sauce recipe for my husband. Now me personally? I think adobo sauce tastes exactly like bandaids smell, so in deference to my probably overly picky palate, I topped the second pan with a Hatch green chili verde sauce. Next I rained down the rest of the Mexican cheese blend and decorated the top with sliced fresh jalapeño.

Into the oven they went until the most glorious smells filled the kitchen. They came out amazingly, if I do say so myself!


Eric loved his adobo, the girls delighted in both flavors, and my littlest culinary adventurer even asked for more jalapeños! She’s definitely my mini-me, inside and out. I was pretty darn proud of my verde version and indulged in an extra helping once I’d polished off the first plate. Thumbs up all around!

A girl could get used to following her own flavor whims!


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