Extra Ingredients

I’ve taken a little hiatus as we wrapped up the chaos that was the last month of school. The past year of “real” school has been a huge transition and learning experience for all of us. Before this, I homeschooled for three years. Being on someone else’s schedule, following someone else’s rules, and accepting someone else’s idea of lesson plans and curriculum was an enormous challenge for me. But we made it, and in the end we all came through smiling.

Now that summer is upon us, I have resumed my homeschool mom ways. We have a weekly schedule, we have read aloud time, math lessons for my oldest, reading lesson for my youngest, and beginning this week– cooking lessons for everyone.

I think one of the fool proof ways to ensure your children are lifelong learners is to let them see YOU constantly learning, constantly trying new things, and yes, let them see you fail and laugh and get back up again and to get back on that horse.

The girls have been fascinated with their mama’s (ahem) “adventures” in the kitchen, and they have been begging to get involved. I knew that was going to to be too much (for me, at least) while we were still precariously balancing all the school obligations, extracurriculars, and hours of homework, but now that summer is in full swing, I’m ready for Cate’s Cooking Class to commence.


In med school, my sister was given an important adage that I think applies to learning of all kinds. In order to really grasp a new procedure, the formula for a student doctor is: “Watch one, do one, teach one.” Since I am in the presence of the master of culinary greatness, my husband, The Bearded Chef. I have observed a diverse range of dishes being prepared and perfected. As you may know from previous posts, I have managed to dip my toe in the water of preparing some dishes of my own, and now I feel like the time has come to add a pinch of pandemonium to the kitchen and start helping my kiddos learn more about kitchen basics and beyond.

My greatest aspiration is to help them enjoy the process of attempts, failures, and improvements, and hopefully I can add a few life skills to their toolboxes in the process, and we’ll all improve our cooking along the way!


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