Playing to My Strengths

I’ve been spending a lot of my energy just living life. Instead of posting here, I’ve been taking advantage of the ability to “micro-blog” on my Cate Can’t Cook Instagram account. Recently, however, I’ve been feeling like it might be nice to put fingers to keyboard again and add a little depth to what’s been going on in my world.

I’ve managed to stumble through more than a few recipes in the kitchen and come up with something edible, however I still am the only person I know that can utterly blacken a frozen pizza while following the instructions to the letter, and the truth is, unless I’m baking, I really don’t love the kitchen. I have discovered that it is much more palatable (pardon the culinary pun) when I hang out with my Beard Chef and let him finesse me through recipes. He’s been teaching me a lot about sampling as I go and the fine art of following your own taste buds when it comes to salt and seasoning. And yet, what I really like about that has never been cooking itself, but simply spending time with him.

I’ve been reading a lot lately about challenging oneself and how saying yes to things that really matter to you is utterly contingent upon saying no to other things that don’t matter to you. There is so much that I am passionate about: food choices and their relation to our physical health, life choices and their relation to our mental health, fitness choices and their relationship to overall health. I’m passionate about learning all I can about healthy paths, about preventing physical illness, about managing mental illness. I’m passionate about learning languages and being able to communicate beyond my small segment of the population. I’m passionate about voraciously reading the stories of people whose experience of the world is different than mine, so that I develop an awareness, an empathy, and a fire within to be an ally to anyone who has been subjected to the injustice of being treated with less than full human dignity. I’m passionate about sharing hard learned lessons in the hopes that even one other person will be spared some bad choices or inspired to work beyond what they believed they were capable of.

All this to say, I’ll be spending a lot more time saying no to my grudging cooking, so I can say yes to my other passions. Thankfully the Bearded Chef is more than willing to share his culinary talents, and I am always willing to be his gustatory guinea pig, so there will still be plenty of ideas for plant based meals and opinions on what’s delicious (curry) and what’s not (faux cheese). And fear not! I will still be spending plenty of time in the kitchen, only I will be happily covered in flour as I explore my true gustatory passion: baking!

I’m very excited by the idea that expanding the scope of topics in this space will motivate me to write more frequently, and can’t wait to hear how each of you follows your passions in this new year!


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