Hi, I’m Cate! Along with my husband, Eric, I’m raising seventh generation Texans in the Music Capital of the World, Austin, Texas. I homeschooled for 3 years, before sending our girls to a private school, and since then I’ve had the opportunity to get back to what I love most (spoiler alert: it’s not cooking). I love learning. If full-time graduate student was considered a lucrative career, I would work till retirement and then join the local university’s “Sage Program” for lifetime learners over 65. Until that day, or independent wealth, whichever comes first, I love to keep busy by teaching myself new things. Recently that has been Spanish, American Sign Language, and the cello.

Throughout college and early marriage, I managed to slide by mostly on a steady diet of boxed mac n cheese, canned beans and minute rice, and cereal. I was thrilled when my husband found that he not only had a gift for cooking, but also enjoyed it. (I think his emotion was less thrill, more relief). Recently, as our girls have gotten older, Eric has started getting back into the local music scene, which means that he’s gone on those evenings. Apparently, even though the chef is out of the kitchen, our children still expect to be fed. As much as they would revel in the chance to eat instant mac n cheese or pancakes (yay, brinner!) every time mom cooks, I’ve decided that it’s finally time to pull my weight in the kitchen (and maybe even become a real live adult before I hit 40). My goal is to teach myself to make (edible) meals that don’t come from a box or delivered to my door. Pray for my family, y’all.